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Today's hours:

Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

Submission Process
  1. Defend thesis or dissertation, make any necessary corrections, and obtain all required signatures on Committee Approval form.
  2. Enroll in LIB 9010 course during graduating semester.

  1. Complete Modules 01-04. (Upload document as a Word file. LaTeX users will submit their document as a PDF.).
  2. [Doctoral Candidates ONLY] Complete Module 05.

  1. We will review your document and send you a list of corrections via Canvas.
  2. Make ALL format corrections. This includes all ADA/Web Accessibility requirements.
  3. Submit your corrected copy to us by uploading the corrected copy to the Canvas.
  4. When all corrections have been made, you will receive full credit in Module 04. The ETD Office will convert your file to PDF format and return it via Canvas. At that point, complete Modules 06 & 07.

  1. Pay all thesis/dissertation related fees via your Banner account.