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A.G. Wineman & Sons Records, and Wineman, Williams, Guice, and Stockwell et al family papers
MSS. 690. 1802-2012. 56 cubic ft.

These papers include genealogical notes, correspondence, topographical maps, highway maps, soil surveys, photographs, aerial photographs, tax receipts, land appraisals, family trees, newspaper clippings, and land deeds.

Atkinson collection
MSS. 30. 1838-1925. 2.66 cubic feet.

Correspondence (1861-1906) and legal papers (1838-1917) of the Martin and Bates law firm, relating to civil cases in Chickasaw and Calhoun Counties, Mississippi, 11 volumes (1851-1908) of court dockets from Chickasaw and Pontotoc Counties, Mississippi, account book (1903), printed material, and Bates family genealogical material. Includes 40 letters (1877-1901) from Georgia Supreme Court Justice, William A. Little, pertaining to sale or rental of his Chickasaw County property. Persons represented include Thomas Nelson Martin (1807-1886), senior partner, newspaper editor, and Mississippi State senator, and William Stowt Bates (1830-1928), junior partner, probate judge of Pontotoc County, and Confederate soldier.

Boswell and Stephens family papers
MSS. 695. 1824-1964. 0.66 cubic ft.

Financial documents and correspondence including land bonds, indenture contracts, tax receipts, account books, teaching certificates, and a book of musical notations, along with a small assortment of artifacts, including a pillbox filled with teeth, two small coin purses, and a metal box.

Chickasaw County (Mississippi) Board of Police minutes
MSS. 437. 1863-1865. 1 reel microfilm.

Records of the Chickasaw County Board of Police concern road construction and other county jurisdictional matters.

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Chickasaw County (Mississippi) tax records
MSS. 438. 1848-1870. 1 reel microfilm.

Personal and real property rolls, land rolls, for Chickasaw County, Palo Alto, and Houston, Mississippi.

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Cobb (Joseph B.) estate papers
MSS. 377. 1858-1861. 0.08 cubic feet.

Photocopies from the Lowndes County Courthouse of the estate papers of Joseph B. Cobb, humorist and author of Mississippi Scenes. Among the topics are a rebellion on one of Cobb's plantations and the hiring of dogs to catch run-away Cobb slaves. Cobb was a Unionist and a Whig.

Concerned Citizens Against the Landfill (CCALL) records
MSS. 584. 1992-1998. 5 cubic feet.

Collection of legal, research and other materials documenting the efforts of a group of citizens who took legal action against the Golden Triangle Regional Landfill in eastern Oktibbeha County and western Clay County, Mississippi. Gift of Ellen Bryant and Ruth Camp.

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Dabney collection
MSS. 184. 1829-1921. 3.33 cubic feet.

Ledgers, primarily concerning Adams and Warren Counties. Among the subjects are Adams County Notarial Records (1836-1882); Warren County Delinquent Personal Taxes(1876-1878); official list of men passing through Vicksburg (1863-1865); the minutes of Cayuga Academy in Hinds County (1837-1879); the minutes of the Prohibition Club in Raymond (1876-1881). Also includes fragments of songbooks.

Forbes (Bettye) collection
MSS. 725. 1787-1943. 1 cubic ft.

This collection contains a series of publications, The Delineator (a 19th century women's magazine), sheet music dating 1889-1943 and two 18th century Italian law books.

Frank (Frederick R.) papers
MSS. 683. 1967-1983. 5.32 cubic ft.

Business papers including contracts, drawings, architectural plans and billing records.

Gulf & Chicago Railway Company
MSS. 795. 1909. 0.02 cubic ft.

Foreclosure notice.

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Italian legal record book
MSS. 769. 1785-1816. 0.23 cubic ft.

Handwritten Italian Legal Record book.

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Leake County (Mississippi) Justice of the Peace records
MSS. 220. 1896-1902. 0.12 cubic feet.

Records of Justice of the Peace W. P. White of Leake County, Mississippi, including receipts, correspondence regarding debts, summons and advertising materials.

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Lowndes County (Miss.) Courthouse Records
MSS. 72. 1821-1929. 5 reels microfilm.

Court records microfilmed from the Lowndes County Court house. Poll books, 1876-1902; record of slaves brought into Lowndes County, 1837-1845; Record of apprentices, bonds, indentures, 1866-1870.

Mantee, Mississippi [Court] docket
MSS. 532. 1900-1916, 1925-1926. 0.24 cubic feet.

Mantee, Mississippi, court docket in ledger format contains cases of the Village of Mantee vs. various defendants, 1900-1912, 1925-1926, and Mississippi cases, 1906-1916. In the ledger was found a memorandum certifying the election of S.F. Gullett to the office of Mayor, 1906. Ledger also contains a drawing of a structure with measurements and materials costs. Original and photocopy. Photocopy also available at office of Municipal Judge, Mantee, Mississippi.

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Meyer (J. H.) contract
MSS. 717. 1915. 0.02 cubic ft.

Contractual document.

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Nelson (L. E.) collection
MSS. 66. 1836-1943. 1 reel microfilm.

Collection of L. E. Nelson, clergyman and lawyer of Jackson, Mississippi. Includes deeds, tax receipts, and other business and legal papers (1839-1938) of George A. Smythe, Arthur W. Smythe, and Ella V. (Smythe) Hipple; ledger (1836-1865) of the firm Daly and McKee, Jackson; other items many dealing with the antebellum, Civil War, and reconstruction period in Jackson. These papers mostly concern George A. Smythe, an Englishman who obtained U.S. citizenship in 1859 and settled in Jackson; and correspondence (1892-1943) of Ella V. Hipple and other family members.

North Mississippi Probate and Chancery Court Records Collection
MSS. 352. 1836-1971 (Bulk dates: 1836-1911). 0.66 cubic feet.

Probate and Chancery Court records, tax receipts, estate expense reports, and other legal documents, most from Itawamba County, 1836-1911, as well as miscellaneous other material dating from 1911-1971. Pontotoc, Calhoun, and Tishomingo counties are also represented, and there is some material concerning Limestone County, Alabama. Finally, there is one photocopy of Civil War letter from Thomas Whitesides to James Bullard, 4/27/1861. Donated by Randy Sparks, 1980-81.

Partial Emmitt Till trial transcript
MSS. 802. 1955. 0.02 cubic ft.

Fully legible copy of the typescript transcript of the second half of the trial for the murder of Emmitt Till. This material was collected by Bryan Maxwell Newman, who obtained the copy shortly after the trial concluded in 1955. Mr. Newman was employed near Greenwood, Mississippi where the trial took place.

Pontotoc County (Mississippi) land roll
MSS. 409. 1889. 1 reel microfilm.

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Rollins (Bertie Shaw) papers
MSS. 15. 1821-1957. 5 cubic feet.

Papers of the William M. Shaw family of Darracott, Monroe County, Mississippi, collected by Bertie Shaw Rollins, of Aberdeen, Mississippi, author, historian, and granddaughter of Shaw. Family correspondence (1848-1905) relating to life in Monroe County and to Confederate campaigns; Shaw genealogical papers; legal and business papers (1882-1900) including receipts, accounts, notes, deeds, drafts, and statements; articles and illustrations by Jack Knox of the Nashville Banner; clippings and papers concerning Monroe County, five scrapbooks of clippings on local and family history; articles and documents by Mrs. Rollins; copies of wills and marriage records, Monroe County (1823-1852); tract book of original entries, Columbus, Mississippi (1824-48); register (1865) of contracts by planters and freedmen; Monroe County church records (1819-1905); Monroe County court minutes (1821); and a list of Monroe County landowners (1821-60). Gift of Mrs. Rollins, 1956, 1958.

Ross (Holt Edgar) papers
MSS. 43. 1916-1966. 1 cubic foot.

Lawyer and representative for labor unions, of Mississippi and New Orleans. Correspondence, articles, poems and speeches by Ross (1897-1968), newspaper clippings, photos, and other papers, chiefly relating to Ross' efforts in behalf of the International Longshoremen's Association, International Hod Carriers', Building, and Common Laborers' Union, American Federation of Labor, and Congress of Industrial Organizations, together with material on Ross' trip to the Trade Union Congress, Blackpool, Britain, 1944, and a trip to Puerto Rico to review labor problems. Correspondents include Dwight D. Eisenhower, Alfred A. Force, Robert S. Green, William Green, Joseph V. Moreschi, Vincent Moreale, Frank Morrison, and Harry S. Truman. In part, transcripts (typewritten).

Starkville Pride collection
MSS. 794. 2018. .03 cubic ft.

Newspaper clippings, legal correspondence, pins and brochures.

Taunton (Louis) collection
MSS. 666. 1835-1916. 4 cubic feet.

Collection includes ledgers of Winston County, Mississippi, records, including Circuit Court records, (1835-1899), Judgment Roll (1857-1879), Prescription Sale of Alcohol Records (1915-1916). Also included is one Choctaw County judgment roll, 1849-1856. Louis Taunton was a Winston County historian and author; he retrieved the ledgers from discard piles and designated them for donation to the MSU Libraries.

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Tippah County (Mississippi) legal papers
MSS. 102. 1866-1868. 0.02 cubic feet.

Contains indictment, summons, order for transcript.

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Winston County (Mississippi) records
MSS. 133. 1838-1907. 0.04 cubic feet.

Circuit Court minutes, 1838-1841; "Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers and Widows," 1907, which lists name, state of enlistments, company, regiment, age, year of enlistment, and category (soldier, widow, servant). Photocopies.

Young (Thomas) collection
MSS. 308. 1818-1918. 0.33 cubic ft.

Numerous business and private correspondence related to the Young family, including court records for land sales and purchases, payment receipts and deeds. Of special interest is a loan sheet issued from the Confederate States of America in 1861 for the sum of $100 in coupon form.