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A-Z List of Genealogy Collection

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A.G. Wineman & Sons Records, and Wineman, Williams, Guice, and Stockwell et al family papers
MSS. 690. 1802-2012. 56 cubic ft.

These papers include genealogical notes, correspondence, topographical maps, highway maps, soil surveys, photographs, aerial photographs, tax receipts, land appraisals, family trees, newspaper clippings, and land deeds.

Bennett (A.G.) collection
MSS. 777. 1976-1996. 0.02 cubic ft.

Eulogy for Arthur Lee Hamner, clippings relating to the Oktibbeha County Genealogical Society, clippings relating to area events, "The Battle of Ellis Bridge" dedication ceremony, and a cassette tape: "Oktibbeha County Agricultural High School" by the Oktibbeha County Historical and Genealogical Society.

Bogan (William Neill, Jr.) papers
MSS. 693. 1911-2010. 17.42 cubic ft.

Family papers including scrapbooks, photographs, postcards, correspondence, diplomas, military records, family history, death certificates, diaries and artifacts.

Boswell and Stephens family papers
MSS. 695. 1824-1964. 0.66 cubic ft.

Financial documents and correspondence including land bonds, indenture contracts, tax receipts, account books, teaching certificates, and a book of musical notations, along with a small assortment of artifacts, including a pillbox filled with teeth, two small coin purses, and a metal box.

Bridgforth (Stewart "Bebe") collection
MSS. 740. 1942-1945 . 2 cubic ft.

This collection includes Stewart "Bebe" Bridgforth’s letters to his wife and parents during WWII, photographs, war-time publications, maps, and two Nazi flags (one signed by the men in Bridgforth’s unit). The letters, which date from approximately 1942 to 1945, encompass Bridgforth’s military experience from Mississippi and other domestic locations to the fields of Belgium, France and Germany.

Brownrigg collection
MSS. 576. 1807-1869. 0.02 cubic ft.

Series of correspondence from members of the Brownrigg family. Also, a paper titled "My Own Pioneer" by Mary Ervin about her grandfather Richard Thomas Brownrigg who settled in Mississippi in 1836.

Claude Bowen, Mississippi National Guard certificate
MSS. 757 . 1899. 0.02 cubic ft.

Nineteenth century Mississippi National Guard certificate.

Duncan and Blackwell collection
MSS. 726. 1821-1918. 5 cubic ft.

Correspondence, diaries, bills of sale for enslaved persons, business records, ledgers, photographs related to Duncan and Blackwell families. Andrew Duncan (b. 1821) married Mary Thurston Philpot Blackwell (1832-1918), and resided in present day Union County, Mississippi.

Edwards (Earl W. "Lum") family papers
MSS. 655. 1943-2010. 2 cubic ft.

Personal papers and photographs related to WWII and Ernest Hemingway, including photocopies of correspondence, maps, a color poster, books and DVD's.

Harriet Bynam Fourniquet family papers
MSS. 739. 1825-1883 . 1 cubic ft.

The Harriet Bynum Fourniquet family papers consist of fifty-five letters written by members of the Fourniquet family between 1825 and 1883. The collection also includes several photographs of Fourniquet and Perkins family members, locks of Fourniquet family hair, a miscellaneous ledger page and newspaper clipping, court records, and genealogical information on the Fourniquet, Bynum, and Perkins families.

Hinds (William) collection
MSS. 783. 1860-1865. 0.4 cubic ft.

Civil War letters, primarily between Margaret Hinds and William Hinds.

Holder (Dr. A. B.) collection
MSS. 737. 1885-1992. 2 cubic ft.

This collection details the work of Dr. A.B. Holder and includes correspondence, family photographs and genealogical materials, as well as a medical ledger, photographs and Native American items from Dr. Holder's work in Montana.

Holloman (Thomas Whitten) collection
MSS. 300. 1861-1862; 1880. 0.08 cubic ft.

1880 Census of Agriculture, Panola County, Mississippi. Includes family letters dated 1861-1862.

Jenning family papers
MSS. 801. 1942. .05 cubic feet.

World War II era correspondence.

Lowe Family Photo Album
MSS. 750. 1865-1900. 0.1 cubic ft.

Photographs of various Lowe family members.

Oakley family papers
MSS. 679. 1991-2005. 3.22 cubic ft.

Newspaper clippings, books, publications and maps.

Owen (W.H.) collection
MSS. 799. 1890-1980. 1.28 cubic feet

Deeds, military correspondence, general correspondence, death certificates, and birth certificates.

Parris-Bullen-Manon Family Genealogy
MSS. 751. 1600-1900 (ca). 0.65 cubic ft.

Genealogical materials relating to the Parris, Bullen and Manon families in Barbados.

Polk (Jane Bell) Family papers 2014-11
MSS. 704. 1775-2001 . 8 cubic ft.

Family notebooks containing genealogical information comprised of Family Search findings, cemetery records, Starkville Presbyterian Church history, deeds, maps, photographs, correspondence, war service records and a family Bible.

Porter (William Walker) family papers
MSS. 707. 1861-2012 . 0.3 cubic ft.

Civil war letters, grave marker dedicatory services program, and family reunion materials.

Rhodes (Luther and Fannye) WWII letters
MSS. 782. 1942-1949 . 0.66 cubic ft.

Collection of Over 100 letters between Luther and Fannye Rhodes during World War II.

Scales-Slaughter family papers
MSS. 656. 1833-1968. 2 cubic ft.

Recipes, photographs, books and publications, financial material, correspondence, scrapbook, and newspaper clippings.

Starr (Mary Evelyn) collection
MSS. 696. 1886-1929; 2015 . 0.3 cubic ft.

Transcription of diary (1886-1889) of John Parrott (1845-1920) by Eloise Taylor of Sledge, Mississippi concerns his logging and daily activities around his camp, Mosquitoville, Mastodon Panola County, Mississippi. Also included are 4 digital files comprising Mary Evelyn’s research concerning Parrott and his family, and versions of her manuscript "Logging Out the Delta: From Mosquitoville to the Sardis & Delta Railroad" (University of Mississippi Press, 2015) and "Mr. Carrier's Line: Logging out the Delta, 1900-1929."

Stewart (Sarah B. Holder) collection
MSS. 741. 1867-1923 . 0.5 cubic ft.

This collection includes World War I correspondence, photographs, 1900’s postcards from Mississippi and Arkansas, and certificates and event programs. These items document the marriage and life Sarah Holder Stewart and her second husband, Dr. Nolan Stewart, an Army physician who conducted clandestine activities, and whose posts included a base hospital in Arkansas. The collection also includes letters from Sarah Stewart’s son, A.B. Holder, Jr., who served in the Army during World War I.

Thompson collection
MSS. 403. 0.12 cubic feet.

Financial records of Jim Hinds and family (farmers in Rankin County, Mississippi), including correspondence and miscellaneous pamphlets.

Wallace family papers
MSS. 682. 1839-1864, 2004, 2009 . 0.37 cubic ft.

Farm and estate records of the Wallace family of Noxubee and Winston Counties, Mississippi include a journal which was kept by Isaiah Wallace in the 1830s. The balance of the collection includes account statements, promissory notes and other financial records, and modern history writings. In addition, an 1859 agreement mentions slave Harriet and an 1861 promissory note documents the hire of slave Barthuney. A cased tintype and photographic copy of same depicts James R. Wallace in April 1862 upon his enlistment in the 35th Mississippi Regiment, Company D (Fort Donelson Avengers).

Weeks (Hiram) family papers
MSS. 701. 2009-2013. 1 cubic ft.

Family newsletters.

White (John M.) ledgers
MSS. 678. 1912-1946. 0.37 cubic ft.

Ledgers and a pocket book.

Yonge Family collection
MSS. 760. 1906-1940. 0.02 cubic ft.

Early 20th century photographs, a postcard, and an insurance policy.

Young (Thomas) collection
MSS. 308. 1818-1918. 0.33 cubic ft.

Numerous business and private correspondence related to the Young family, including court records for land sales and purchases, payment receipts and deeds. Of special interest is a loan sheet issued from the Confederate States of America in 1861 for the sum of $100 in coupon form.