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General Stephen D. Lee, 1880-1899

John Marshall Stone, 1899-1900

John Crumpton Hardy, 1900-1912

George Robert Hightower, 1912-1916

William Hall Smith, 1916-1920

David Carlisle Hull, 1920-1925

Buz M. Walker, 1925-1930

Hugh Critz, 1930-1934

George Duke Humphrey, 1934-1945

Fred Tom Mitchell, 1945-1953

Benjamin F. Hilbun, 1953-1960

Dean W. Colvard, 1960-1966

William L. Giles, 1966-1976

James D. McComas, 1976-1985

Donald W. Zacharias, 1985-1997

Malcolm Portera, 1998-2001

J. Charles Lee, 2002-2006

Robert H. Foglesong, 2006-2008

Mark E. Keenum, 2009-Present