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Reserve A Room

The IHL Lab is an electronic classroom that faculty can reserve to hold lectures and class meetings.


23 at individual computers; 46 if sharing computers


Available during regular hours for Mitchell Memorial Library.


Mitchell Memorial Library, 1st Floor Map


These policies apply to all rooms.

  • All requests must be submitted by 12:00 noon the business day before you would like to reserve the room. A business day is Monday to Friday, except for University holidays.
  • Rooms are available for reservation by MSU faculty, staff, or students during Library hours (including nights and weekends) on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The person responsible for reserving the room must sign in prior to using the room and MUST sign out when use has been completed.
  • If you no longer need a space you have reserved, please cancel so that others can use it.
  • Failure to follow the Libraries' policies and take care of the rooms could result in a patron's privileges being suspended.


The IHL Lab can be requested for use at night, but only for classroom instruction.

For Fall and Spring semesters:

  • No bookings by individuals or groups outside the library except for classroom instruction (between 8-5 Monday-Friday).
  • For classroom instruction requests, the rooms can only be booked 8 times or 15 hours per semester, per class.

For Maymester and Summer sessions:

  • There will be no outside requests approved during the first week of each term.
  • After the first week, professors or instructors may request the room for instruction only, for no more than 5 times or a total of 10 hours, per class.
  • After the first week, a group or individual seeking the room for extended sessions, such as a conference, may request either ELI or Giles for up to one week per session. Requests for both rooms will not be considered. The IHL Lab could be used in conjunction with one of the other electronic classrooms.
  • Computers: 23 computers with flat LCD monitors
  • Lectern: 1 (non-University standard)
  • Lectern Monitor: 1
  • Projector: 1-4:3 aspect ratio
  • Whiteboard: 1
  • Software: Microsoft Office 2016
Be sure you have read the policies before filling out this form.

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Date and Time

If Library faculty assistance is needed, we request the courtesy of at least one week's notice prior to the desired date.

Please enter the date, starting time, and ending time you prefer for your session.

We make every effort to accommodate your preferred date. In the event that the room is not available on your preferred date, please provide an alternate date and time.

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