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  • The National Science Foundation began requiring data management plans (DMPs) in 2011 for some proposals.
  • In 2013 the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released a memo directing all grant-making agencies to develop policy requirements on managing and sharing research data, designating the data management plan as a common funder requirement.
  • Additionally, many agencies have discipline-specific guidelines about how to describe and share data.

What the Plan Should Include

A Data Management Plan for a federal grant should include information on:

  • What data will be created
  • How the data will be described
  • How the data will be stored during the project
  • How the data and results will be disseminated
  • How the data will be archived

Getting Help

The MSU Libraries can help you write and implement your data management plan.  Learn more about the services available or request a data management consultation.


If your study involves human subjects, you should check with the Human Research Protection Program for additional requirements.

To locate requirements for agencies not listed here, search the web and specify government websites in addition to your keywords. This will identify funders at local, state and national levels with data management expectations.

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