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Use of Old Main Academic Center by Sponsored Student Organizations

Sponsored student organizations may use Old Main Academic Center spaces for:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Events where attendance is limited to university personnel and students

Student organizations are fully responsible for coordination of the event, compliance with the policies and procedures outlined below, and damage to facilities and equipment during their event. Someone from the sponsoring student organization must be on site during the reservation time, including setup, to assist with the coordination.


  • Once the semester schedule has been set by the Office of the Registrar, reservations for OMAC spaces by Sponsored student organizations will be made by the Old Main Academic Coordinator. Requests for reservations will be responded to within two (2) business days. Reservations should be placed online at
  • Requests to use the building outside of normal operating hours will require OMAC personnel to be on duty and must be made at least 10 days prior to the event. There will be a minimum charge of $125 for early openings or late closings outside of normal operating hours. This includes use of the facility on weekends.
  • No activities will be scheduled during Midterms (however, meetings will be allowed), the week before and the week of Final Exams so that OMAC will be available for quiet study during these periods.
  • Meetings and events must conclude at least 1 hour before the scheduled building closing time.
  • Food and drinks may not be served at events or meetings taking place in OMAC classrooms. If food & drinks are present, they should be consumed in the lobby areas of the building and disposed of in trash receptacles.
  • Spaces must be kept clean and all chairs, tables, and other equipment must be returned to its intended location. Any damages to equipment and/or facility caused during a meeting/event will be billed to the sponsoring organization/entity.
  • Use of anything that could damage or deface the facility is prohibited, including, but not limited to, open flame, painting, taping, stapling, gluing, nailing, glitter and stickers. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the department, sponsoring organization or individual paying for the repairs and/or clean up fees.
  • The primary purpose of the building is to provide classroom and study space, thusly, all student organization meetings and events will ensure the noise level of events/activities are in keeping with the academic nature of the facility.
  • Student organizations that are unable to uphold the guidelines of the use of OMAC space will be prohibited from using OMAC for the remainder of the semester, academic year, or a period to be determined by the Center for Student Activities.
  • Alumni Delegates
  • Black Student Association
  • Bulldog Bash
  • F.L.A.R.E.
  • Foundation Ambassadors
  • Graduate Student Association
  • International Student Advisory Board
  • Involvement Ambassadors
  • InterFraternity Council
  • Latino Student Association
  • Maroon VIP Tour Services
  • Mississippi State Roadrunners
  • Multicultural Greek Council
  • Music Maker Productions
  • National Pan Hellenic Council
  • New Maroon Camp
  • Panhellenic Council
  • Peer Assisting with Students (PAWS)
  • Residence Hall Association
  • Student Association
  • Student Veterans Association
  • Transfer Student Association
  • The Reflector