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The Old Main Academic Center's primary purpose is to provide classroom, research, and study space for MSU faculty, staff, and students.


Overall administration: University Libraries
Parking garage: Parking Services
Class scheduling: Office of the Registrar


As with other classrooms, the Office of the Registrar will handle scheduling all of the classrooms each semester. Once classes have been scheduled for the semester, faculty and staff may request vacant classrooms for meetings or special events. Requests will be reviewed and approved by the Old Main Academic Center Coordinator and the Dean of Libraries. Old Main Academic Center is not available for private events or for groups and individuals not affiliated with MSU.

Individual rooms have specific policies; see their pages to learn more.

Food and Drink

To support the collegial atmosphere food and drinks are permitted through the common areas of Old Main Academic Center.

This food and drink policy requires the assistance of building users in maintaining a neat and clean environment in this beautiful facility. You can assist us by:

  • Containing drinks in bottles that can be closed or in other spill-proof containers such as travel mugs or sports bottles to avoid accidental spills
  • Disposing of trash and empty containers properly
  • Wiping up crumbs and small spills

We know that food and beverage accidents will happen, so don't hesitate to alert the Library Commons personnel when these occur.

Failure to comply with Old Main Academic Center and University policies or Federal, State and local law may result in the cancellation of future reservations and/or restriction from the use of Old Main Academic Center facilities. Discrimination in the use of these facilities regarding disability, race, religion or nationality is prohibited. Please report any violation of these policies to the Old Main Academic Center staff member on duty at (662) 325-7727.