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After a semester-long construction project, a plan to create a television studio, a one-button recording study, and a multi-purpose classroom / meeting room within the Mississippi State University Libraries' MaxxSouth Broadband Digital Media Center is moving into its final phase.

Scheduled to open in the Fall of 2019, the new facilities will enhance the overall services provided by the Libraries' Digital Media Center.

To complete the renovation project, the Digital Media Center will have to be closed to the public for the next several weeks. Associate Dean of the Libraries Stephen Cunetto said that public services offered through the Digital Media Center will close on Thursday, May 2 and reopen in June. The closure is necessitated to complete the painting and re-carpeting of not only the new facilities, but the entire media center.

"The current carpet and an older tile floor that is underneath the carpet must be removed before the carpeting can be installed," Cunetto said. "Due to the noise, dust and amount of work this will require, we have decided it is best to close the area."

While the area is closed, patrons will not have access to the makerspace, 3D printing or the augmented and virtual reality equipment.

DVDs and CDs will be available in the Research Services area during the time the media center is closed. VHS tapes and other media items located in the Digital Media Center will be available through a request at the Access Services Desk.

"We are committed to offering the best facilities and best services possible," Cunetto said. "We realize the closure will affect some of our patrons, but the month of May is our slowest month and so we believe this is the time to complete the project and move forward with the newly improved Digital Media Center."