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The Digital Preservation and Access Unit of MSU Libraries is pleased to announce the addition of the following items to our digital collections:

Agricultural and Economics Publications

These publications date from 1926-1999 and include circulars, technical and information bulletins, and MR reports published by MSU AgEcon departments.

Lincolniana Statuettes (29 new items)

These statuettes are comprised of painted plaster or bronze, depicting Lincoln in various stages of his life, as well as other Civil War era scenes.

The Charles J. Faulk Jr. Collection (1919 items)

These are photographs taken and collected by Charles Johnson Faulk, Jr. (1915-1990), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and executive editor of the Vicksburg Evening Post (Vicksburg, Mississippi). The photographs document numerous significant events and aspects of civic life in and around Vicksburg, including parades, Pilgrimage, fairs, pageants, community theater, businesses and prominent citizens.

Pamphlets from the Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana (194 pamphlets)

These contain hundreds of original political tracts, speeches, pamphlets, broadsides, and other printed works from the 1830s to the 1920s. Included are original printings of Abraham Lincoln speeches made in the Illinois House of Representatives, copies of the Lincoln/Douglas debates, General Orders issued during the Civil War, and Republican Party tract's organizing African American voters during Reconstruction.

Dr. Todd A. Herring Collection (23 items)

Dr. Herring, a graduate of MSU, who began collecting historic material while in elementary school, and has donated a portion of his collection to Special Collections. The complex collection contains documents and artifacts on a wide variety of subjects including Early America and European manuscripts, early American newspapers, plantation culture in MS and LA, and records of enslaved persons.

Templeton Collection (316 pieces of sheet music)

From a recent donation by Chip Templeton. This collection now consists of almost 13,000 pieces of beautifully illustrated sheet music, many of which are in the public domain.

Stennis Weekly Radio Addresses (303 items)

Part of the Congressional and Political Research Center, this new addition contains weekly Radio Addresses from the 1950-1970s, covering a wide range of political topics during Senator Stennis' tenure.

T.H. Smith Postal collection (3 items)

Mr. Smith was an architect and amateur postal historian from Jackson, MS. These postcards, letters and other materials cover the history of the postal service in MS from statehood through 20th century.

Rev. Kenneth Dean collection (6 items)

These items were created by people living in COFO safehouses in Jackson between 1964 and 1968. They reflect numerous social movements happening at the time including Civil Rights activism, Vietnam War protests, and anti-poverty programs.

4 new Cultural Conversations videos

Featuring John Mitchell discussing the CAVS mixed reality lab; Charles Templeton discussing the Templeton Music Museum; Jenifer Ishee discussing the Margaret Valiant Collection; and part 2 of David Nolen's discussion of the new annotated edition of the Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant.

MegaResource (12 items)

Photographs from the 2019 MegaResource School Librarian Workshop conducted by MSU libraries.