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The Mississippi State University Libraries Special Collections Department is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibit entitled SCRAWL AND ORDER: A Brief history of writing and printing. On display in this exhibit are a wide variety of written and printed materials, drawn from the Manuscripts, University Archives, Rare Books and Mississippiana and the Grant Library. Materials are on display on both the 2nd and 3rd floors.

​Materials in the 2nd floor include a receipt for groceries delivered to the Continental Army in 1776, and letters from the Civil War to World War II; a selection of works printed in Mississippi; and works documenting the African American experience, including a tavern license issued to a free woman of color; freedom papers for a gentleman residing in Adams County; an early sharecropper contract; Extension service annual report from the late 1950s; the charter for the A++ Club, a student organization founded at Mississippi State in the late 1960s; and a poem written in a COFO safehouse in Jackson between 1964-1968. There are also two typewriters, one formerly the property of Turner Catledge, the other donated to Manuscripts many years ago.

Materials on the 3rd floor including a page from a 13th century illuminated manuscript; the oldest book in the Library, printed in 1499; a facsimile of the Domesday book from 1816, a variety of letters and other documents from the 15th century to the present, including a witness statement from the Massachusetts Bay Colony; a hunting license issued by the Duke of St. Albans, natural child of Charles I; a letter from an African prince / Boy Scout to a fellow Scout in America; and a selection of letters from Mississippians to friends, family and colleagues from 1815 to 1849.

The display will be available to view through the middle of October.

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