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Accessing Journals and Databases

The MSU Libraries provide online access to thousands of online journals and databases; however, due to copyright and licensing agreements with vendors and publishers the library can on ly provide MSU faculty, staff and students access to these resources. Because of these restrictions, authentication methods are in place to prevent non-MSU individuals from accessing the content. The following information provides MSU faculty, staff and students with a means of accessing these resources regardless of where they are located.

Accessing resources from on campus:

Central Authentication Service

Anyone using a computer or device connected to the MSU network (hard wired or wireless network) will be able to seamlessly access any of the library online resources whether they use the library website or not. For example, to use JSTOR the user does not have to go to the library website to gain access to JSTOR if they are using a computer that is connected to the MSU network.

Accessing resources from off campus:


Anyone using a computer or device not connected to the MSU network (i.e. accessing from home) will need to either access the resource through the library's website or use the MSU VPN (virtual private network) service, a secure method of accessing MSU resources. This sets up your computer so that it appears to be on the MSU network. By accessing an online resource through the library website the user will be prompted to enter their Netid/NetPassword when they select a protected service. Once the user authenticates, they will not have to do so again within the same session.

Users can also opt to use the MSU VPN service by downloading the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to their computer. Once installed and setup, the user will be able to activate the VPN client whenever they are using the library resources. For more information on how to install the VPN Service visit https://servicedesk.msstate.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=1025.

About MSU Libraries:

Mississippi State University Libraries is a premier research library providing its communities of users an ongoing, creative, technologically advanced library program that provides new and emerging technologies; enhances and inspires teaching, research, and service of the highest caliber in an environment of free and open inquiry and with a commitment to excellence. For more information about MSU Libraries, please visit http://library.msstate.edu/ .

MSU, Mississippi's flagship research university, is online at www.msstate.edu.