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MSU Libraries 10th most productive institution for librarian journal publications

Based on preliminary study results from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Mississippi State University is the tenth most productive institution in terms of journal publications by librarians.

The preliminary study results were revealed in "Publication Patterns of U.S. Academic Librarians: 2003-2011," a poster session presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA in June of this year.

Deborah Blecic; Stephen Wiberley, Jr.; Sandra De Groote; Mary Shultz; John Cullars; and Vivian Chan examined issues of 32 previously studied peer-reviewed library and information science journals published between 2003 and 2011. They determined the frequency of publication by U.S. academic librarians and compared the productivity of individual institutions.

Of the top fifteen institutions listed in this study, MSU Libraries ranks tenth in number of author instances in the journals studied, and the Libraries tied for sixth with the University of Illinois at Chicago in number of refereed articles. The higher number of author instances is a result of co-authorship, which the study authors attribute to collaboration among librarians.

A PDF of the poster with a list of the top fifteen institutions, description of methodology, list of journals studied, and more is available at The authors plan to extend the study through 2012 and similarly examine additional journals.

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