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The MSU Libraries have expanded users’ online access to SciFinder Scholar. Widely recognized as a key database for researchers in the sciences and engineering, SciFinder Scholar features a wealth of citations to the journal and patent literature as well as the world's most comprehensive collection of source structure images, CAS registry numbers, and names for organic and inorganic substances.

The Libraries’ expanded access to SciFinder Scholar comes as a result of the strong demand MSU researchers have expressed for this resource. A central feature of the upgrade is that the number of users accessing SciFinder Scholar at any one time has been increased from two to four. The result is that MSU researchers’ access to this database has been doubled! Another important feature of the upgrade is the access users now have to the SciFinder Scholar Substructure module. Using this module, researcher can perform sophisticated searches of the substances in SciFinder Scholar in a manner not possible in the past.

In order to provide this expanded access to SciFinder Scholar, the Libraries’ print subscription to Chemical Abstracts has been discontinued for 2008. For users still wishing to view current issues of Chemical Abstracts in print, interlibrary loan will provide an option for access.

To explore SciFinder Scholar, visit the MSU Libraries’ website and select the Indexes/Databases option. For questions about this or any of the Libraries’ resources, be sure to Ask-A-Librarian.

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