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Are you looking for a way to provide your students with access to your class notes, homework, old tests, or articles 24 hours a day via the web?

Electronic Reserve provides students with access to articles, class notes, homework assignments, syllabi, etc. 24 hours a day via the web. Students are able to access these materials through the Library's online catalog.

Materials are password protected to ensure only MSU faculty, staff and students are able to view the files. Full-text articles may also be placed on electronic reserve. This provides students one location to retrieve materials instead of searching the databases.

Teaching faculty/instructors wanting to use the services should complete the reserve request and send the desired materials to the Access Services Desk at the Library. The Reserve staff members catalog and scan the materials into electronic format. The current electronic formats beign used are Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Once created, students are able to search through the online catalog by the instructor's name, retrieve a reserve hit list, select the desired material and print to a local printer or read online. In most cases, the material can be online within 48 hours upon receipt of materials.

While Electronic Reserve has become increasingly popular, we can still provide paper copies as well as house books (personal as well as Library), binders, videocassette tapes, CDs and more.

All materials placed in the Reserve Collection must fall within the guidelines as stipulated in the Copyright Law. Assistance is available for determining if materials fall within the guidelines and obtaining permission if not.

Students have appreciated being able to access reserve material 24 hours a day and from any computer--whether they are in the Library, on campus or at home.

If you are currently using MyCourses for your courses, you may link to your Electronic Reserve by adding this URL to your course.

The only thing you need to change is searchdata1=lastname, + firstname.,+firstname

A new online form has been created for your convenience! You may fill out reserve requests online - Request Form.

For more information, go to or call Lee Dempsey (662) 325-8706 or Summer Mord (662) 325-7664.

The Access Services Reserve Room staff is eager to work with you. We will be glad to answer any questions that you have regarding traditional or electronic reserves.

About MSU Libraries:

Mississippi State University Libraries is a premier research library providing its communities of users an ongoing, creative, technologically advanced library program that provides new and emerging technologies; enhances and inspires teaching, research, and service of the highest caliber in an environment of free and open inquiry and with a commitment to excellence. For more information about MSU Libraries, please visit .

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