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Historical Statistics of the United States has long been the standard source for quantitative indicators of American history. The revised, updated, and expanded Millennial Edition contains considerably more information than its immediate predecessor: five volumes rather than two, more than twice as many pages of data and documentation, and a tripling of the number of data series - 37,339 in the new edition. This expansion occurred along several dimensions. Most series from the previous edition were extended by roughly thirty years, and the coverage of most topics was enhanced. More than a dozen new topics were added: American Indians, slavery, outlying areas, poverty, nonprofit organizations, and the Confederate States of America, to list a few examples. Finally, the chapters in the new edition are preceded by essays that introduce the quantitative history of their subject, provide a guide to the sources, and offer expert advice on the reliability of the data and the limits that might be placed on their interpretation.

To access the database go to the Libraries' Indexes/Databases page and search for Historical Statistics of the US.

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