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The MSU Libraries is a member of the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries which showcases museums and galleries in academic institutions.

Visit our museums and exhibits during their open hours, or book a guided tour for yourself or your group.

Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library Exhibit Room

The Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library's exhibit room on the first floor of Mitchell Memorial Library displays artifacts belonging to U. S. Grant and his family, including material from his childhood, military career, his presidency, world tour, his 1885 death and his family's life into the twentieth century. Materials include furniture, china, photographs, prints, portraits, books, and a variety of other memorabilia. Exhibits are rotated on a regular basis to display the variety of the collection, and when new items are donated.

Charles H. Templeton Music Museum

The Museum tells the story of the "business of music" with its collection of musical instruments, recordings, and sheet music. View and listen to early phonographs created by Thomas Edison; gramophones produced by Columbia and Eldridge Johnson; cylinder and disc-type music boxes; organs; organettes of paper roll and cob varieties; and self-playing accordions.

The John Grisham Room

The John Grisham Room displays materials and memorabilia from the writings and achievements of bestselling author, former Mississippi legislator (1983-1990), and MSU alumnus John Grisham. It also serves as a presentation and conference suite for seminars, receptions, lectures, and other functions related to teaching, research, and service.

The Myrna Colley-Lee Exhibit

Selected costumes and notes from costume, art, and set designer Myrna Colley-Lee are on exhibit in the John Grisham Room.

The Stennis-Montgomery Room

The Stennis-Montgomery Room is located on the third floor of the Mitchell Memorial Library. The Stennis-Montgomery Room contains photographs, correspondence, and artifacts that document the lives and careers of Senator John C. Stennis and Congressman G. V. “Sonny” Montgomery, both Mississippi State alums. The Papers of Stennis and Montgomery, as well as other former members of the United States Congress, are part of the Collections of the Congressional and Political Research Center. The Stennis-Montgomery Room is open Monday-Friday 7:30-5 and is used as a Library and MSU campus meeting space.

Mississippi State University Historical Buildings

Mississippi State University Historical Buildings

The buildings pictured in this photographic essay were constructed during the early years of the University and represent a variety of architectural styles of the last 1800s and early 1900s.

Mississippi State University: The A&M Years

Mississippi State University: The A&M Years

This exhibit is a photographic essay of life from 1880-1932 on the campus of Mississippi State University. The University was founded as Mississippi A&M College in 1878 and campus operations began in 1880. In 1932 the name was changed to Mississippi State College, and in 1958 to Mississippi State University.

Glimpses of the Past: Mississippi State Baseball

Glimpses of the Past: Mississippi State Baseball

The first sports team of any variety formed at Mississippi State University, then Mississippi A&M College, was a baseball team, organized in 1885, five years after the college opened in 1880. The photographs in this exhibit are of MSU baseball teams from the late 1890s through the early 1920s. The young men that played on these teams sometimes had to make do without a coach, yet they persisted, and all together they laid the groundwork for a premier baseball program.

We have been believers

We Have Been Believers

Mississippi State University’s Mitchell Memorial Library is excited to announce its new exhibit, “WE HAVE BEEN BELIEVERS”: AFRICAN AMERICAN LIFE IN MISSISSIPPI, 1835-1970.” Located on the second floor of the library, the exhibit showcases items from Mississippi State University Special Collections that represent the lives of African Americans in Mississippi in the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on education, business, civil rights, and African American Mississippi writers.

Out of This World

Out of This World

Space art is a combination of science and art created in a realist, surrealist, or impressionist manner. Space artists see themselves as the heirs to the 19th-century American landscape artists who traveled westward to explore new territories. Instead of the Western frontier, these new explorers look to space. Their art is informed by science and requires extensive research to maintain accuracy. Space art depicts celestial events that are extremely remote, exposed to unimaginably intense radiation, gravity or temperature extremes. It basically depicts the next best thing to actually being there based on science and imagination.