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John F. and Jeanne A. Marszalek Library Fund & Lecture Series


Dr. Michael J. Devine
Former director of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

“Presidential Libraries, An Inside Look”

Stephen Powell
Graduate student in MSU’s Department of History specializing in 19th century United States history, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and military history

“The Simple Art of War; A Reinterpretation of Ulysses S. Grant’s Civil War Strategy”

Edwina Campbell
Author, former U.S. Foreign Service officer and professor

Ryan Lawrence
MSU History/Philosophy undergraduate student

"Mutual Misunderstandings: A Study on Ida Honoré Grant's Austrian Experience"

Victoria Bynum
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at Texas State University, San Marcos

"The Free State of Jones: Community, Race, and Kinship in Civil War Mississippi"

Gracjan Kraszerski
MSU History graduate student; 2015 Marszalek Graduate Student Award winner

"Entangled Allegiance: Catholics in the Civil War South"

Dr. John T. Hubbell
Retired history professor; former editor of Civil War History; Director-Emeritus of the Kent State University Press

"Fidelity to the Record: Thirty-five Years an Editor"

Karen Senaga
MSU History graduate student; 2014 Marszalek Graduate Student Award winner

"Labor Plantations, Memory, and Race in the Mississippi Delta Catfish Industry, 1990"

Michael B. Ballard

Mark R. Cheathem

Thomas D. Cockrell

Stephen S. Michot

Horace Nash

Timothy B. Smith

Dr. Thomas A. Horrocks
Associate Librarian for Collections, Houghton Library, Harvard University

"Promoting Honest Abe, the Rail Splitter: Lincoln's Campaign Biographies and the Shaping of an Image"

Kevin B. Johnson
MSU History graduate student; 2012 Marszalek Graduate Student Award winner

Dr. John Dittmer
DePauw University Professor Emeritus of History

"'Sick and Tired': Race and Health Care in Mississippi During the Civil Rights Years"

Alyssa Warrick
MSU History doctoral candidate

"Fighting the Jim Crow Army: African-American Protests in World War II"

Dr. William C. "Jack" Davis
Program Director, Virginia Center for Civil War Studies

"General Grant's Grandson and the Awakening of a Historian"

James S. Kinsey
MSU History doctoral student

"Lost Limbs and Livelihood in the Mississippi Hill Country: Disabled Confederate Veterans and their Families in Rural Communities, 1863-1890"

Dr. Philip Gleason
History professor, University of Notre Dame

"Those Already Here and Those Just Arriving: Immigration and the Coming of the Civil War"

Kirk Strawbridge
MSU History graduate student

"Modernity, Tradition, and Identity After the Civil War: A Former Confederate General's South"

Stephanie Rolph
MSU History doctoral student

Dr. Craig L. Symonds
Chief Historian, USS Monitor Center at the Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia

James F. Sefcik
Retired Director, Louisiana State Museum; Assistant Secretary, Office of State Museums

"Primary Sources, Museums, and the Study of American History"

Jared Peatman
Virginia Tech University graduate student

"Richmond's Reaction to the Gettysburg Address"