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AV Studio

Professors record an online audio lecture in the AV Studio in the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center.

The AV Studio in the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center is a reservable space designed to allow faculty and student to quickly and easily record audio or video presentations. The studio is set up so that a patron can walk in with a jump drive and with just a few mouse clicks can record professional video of a speech, lecture or other presentation. Patrons may likewise easily record audio files using the dual microphone setup.

The lightboard provides a unique lecture experience. Diagramming sentences and schematics, plotting and writing formulas, or even just writing out lecture notes can all be done "mid-air" while you face the camera to deliver your instruction. Draw on the illuminated glass just as you would a standard chalk or dry-erase board while recording your lecture. With a quick video edit, the video is flipped so your writing and drawings are shown in the correct orientation for your students. A lightboard is a great way to supplement lectures that require the ability to write or draw to illustrate concepts.


  • Reservations are required for the AV Studio.
  • The studio may be reserved in two-hour blocks.
  • Please leave the studio as you found it and dispose of all trash.
  • You must adhere to Mississippi State University's policy on Use of Information Technology Resources, including refraining from illegal downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials; using IT resources to harass or threaten others; downloading or displaying obscene or pornographic material; accessing (or attempting to access), altering, interfering with the operation of, damaging, or destroying all or party of any IT resource; using (or attempting to use) someone else's account, password, access code, or other credentials, or electronically impersonating others; commercial advertising or political campaigning.
What you need to know

Reservations are required for the AV Studio.