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John C. Stennis

Member of the Mississippi Legislature, District Attorney, Circuit Judge, and 42-year United States Senator (D-MS).


G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery

WWII veteran, 10-year Mississippi state Senator, and United States Representative (D-MS).


David R. Bowen

United States Representative (D-MS, 2nd District) from 1973-1982; visiting professor, playwright, and columnist.


Marsha Blackburn

United States Representative (R-TN); has served on energy, commerce, telecommunications, and oversight committees.


Charles Griffin

WWII veteran, United States Representative, banker, and secretary of the state senate.


Chip Pickering

Assistant to Senator Trent Lott; United States Representative; served on agriculture, science, and infrastructure committees.


Mike Espy

Attorney; Mississippi Assistant Attorney General; Mississippi's first African-American state Representative since Reconstruction; United States Secretary of Agriculture.


Alan Nunnelee

Mississippi Senator, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee; United States Representative.

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Wiley Carter

Assistant to MS Senator Thad Cochran, former Lieutenant Governor Carroll Gartin, and former Representative John Bell Williams.


Wayne Weidie

Businessman; newspaper publisher, editor, and columnist; television political analyst; Chief of Staff for United States Representative Gene Taylor.

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Jeanne A. Marszalek

Local, county, state, and national Democratic Party activist.


Bob Montgomery

United States Army veteran; lawyer; Mississippi state Senator described by peers as one of the best speakers in the State Legislature.


Steve Holland

Farmer; aide to Congressman Jamie Whitten and Senator Thad Cochran; funeral home owner; Mississippi state Representative.


John Marshall Stone

Confederate Army veteran; president of Mississippi State University; longest-serving Governor of Mississippi.


Carl J. "Jack" Gordon, Jr.

Mississippi state Senator.


Amy Tuck

Mississippi state Senator; Lieutenant Governor; MSU Vice President of Campus Services.


William G. "Bill" Simpson

Administrative assistant to MS Senator James O. Eastland; Deputy White House Chief of Staff for President Jimmy Carter.


James K. Vardaman

Mississippi State Representative; Mississippi Governor; United States Senator; newspaper publisher.


Carter Family (J.W. and J.D.)

James William Carter, sheriff of Kemper Co., MS in 1891-1892, and his son, J. D. Carter, 1st Sgt., U. S. Army.


Sam Wilhite

Executive assistant to MS governor Hugh White; campaigner for state, regional, and national Democratic candidates.


James P. Coleman

Mississippi governor (1956-1960) and judge of U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Horace Harned, Jr.

Farmer; MS state Senator; MS state Representative; prominent member of the Citizen's Councils of MS.

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John J. Fraiser

World War II veteran; MS State Senator; first chief judge of the MS Court of Appeals; magistrate of the MS Supreme Court.

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Martha Swain

Veteran educator and award-winning author and editor, focusing primarily on the New Deal and Southern women's history; author of biography of U. S. Senator Pat Harrison.

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