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Photo of William F. Winter

January 30, 2007     Video

The former Democratic Governor of Mississippi and is currently in private law practice in Jackson, MS, with the law firm of Watkins, Ludlam & Stennis. A former legislative assistant to U.S. Senator John C. Stennis, Governor Winter is a fighter for education reform, equal opportunity for all races, and better relations among the races. A Grenada, Mississippi native and graduate of The University of Mississippi (1943) and The University of Mississippi School of Law (1949), he held three state legislative positions (State Representative, State Treasurer, and Lieutenant Governor) before his years in the State Capitol (1980-1984). While serving as Mississippi's Lieutenant Governor, Governor Winter received the Margaret Dixon Freedom of Information Award from the Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press for his continuing support of the political process to both the general public and to the press. Mississippi's Education Reform Act, passed during a special session of the legislature called by Governor Winter in 1982, is considered the most significant educational legislation enacted in Mississippi since the establishment of its public school system. In 1997, United States President Bill Clinton appointed Governor Winter to the Advisory Board of the President's Initiative on Race. Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove appointed Governor Winter in 2000 as the head of the State Flag Advisory Commission, which recommended that Mississippi replace its state flag containing the Confederate rebel flag in its corner with a more unifying emblem. University of Mississippi School of Law Jamie Whitten Professor of Law and Government, Governor Winter has been the contributing author on three books: History of Mississippi, Yesterday's Constitution Today, and Mississippi Heroes.

Photo of Andrew P. Mullins, Jr.

A native of Macon, Mississippi, Mr. Mullins serves as Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, State/Federal Institutional Liaison, and Mississippi Legislature Liaison for the University of Mississippi. Mr. Mullins was a high school teacher and administrator for eight years after graduating from Millsaps College with a degree in history. He has served as a special assistant to two governors and three state superintendents of education. While working on Governor Winter's staff, Mr. Mullins was fully involved in the passage of the 1982 Education Reform Act. He is the author of Building Consensus, A History of the Passage of the Education Reform Act of 1982, an account of the political process involved in the Winter administration's efforts to change the education system in Mississippi. During Mr. Mullins' work as special assistant to three state superintendents between 1985 and 1994, his primary responsibilities were in K-12 education legislation. Since June of 1995, Mr. Mullins has worked with Chancellor Robert Khayat in various areas of responsibility and continues to teach in the Mississippi Teacher Corps Program.