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The Morris W. H. (Bill) Collins Speaker Series


Photo of John Hailman

John Hailman

Author, journalist, educator, federal prosecutor

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Photo of Hon. Frank J. Williams

The Honorable Frank J. Williams, Chief Justice (Ret.), Rhode Island Supreme Court

With Mrs. Virginia Williams, teacher and primitive art specialist

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Photo of Gregg Harper

Gregg Harper

Representative for MS 3rd Congressional District

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Photo of Tate Reeves

Tate Reeves

Lieutenant Governor-Elect of Mississippi

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Photo of Alan C. Lowe

Alan C. Lowe

Director, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

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Photo of David Ferriero

David Ferriero

Archivist of the United States

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Photo of Parker Wiseman

Parker Wiseman

Mayor of Starkville, MS

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Photo of Sharion Aycock

Sharion Aycock

United States District Court Judge

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Photo of Ronald Roosdorp

Ronald Roosdorp

Private Secretary to the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands

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Photo of Barry Goldwater, Jr.

Barry Goldwater, Jr.

Former U.S. Congressman and Financier

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Photo of George Flaggs, Jr.

George Flaggs, Jr.

Mississippi State Representative

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Photo of William Waller, Sr.

William Waller, Sr.

Former Governor of Mississippi

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Photo of William F. Winter (left) and Andrew P. Mullins, Jr. (right)

The Honorable William F. Winter and Mr. Andrew P. Mullins, Jr.

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Photo of Jere Nash (left) and Andy Taggart (right)

Jere Nash and Andy Taggart

Political Bloggers

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Photo of Earl Hutto (left) and Ronald Sarasin (right)

Representatives Earl Hutto (D-FL) and Ronald Sarasin (R-CT)

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Photo of Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook

Political Analyst and Author

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Photo of Robert H. Foglesong

Robert H. Foglesong

President of Mississippi State University

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Photo of Mike Chaney

Mike Chaney

Mississippi State Senator

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Photo of Wayne Dowdy

Wayne Dowdy

Chairman, Mississippi Democratic Party

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Photo of James Herring

James H. Herring

Chairman, Missisippi Republican Party

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Photo of Bill Minor

Bill Minor

Mississippi Writer and Columnist

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Photo of G. V. 'Sonny' Montgomery

G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery

U. S. Congressman (Retired)

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Photo of David Skaggs (left) and Dan Miller (right)

David Skaggs and Dan Miller

U. S. Congressmen (Retired)

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Photo of William F. Winter

William F. Winter

Former Democratic Governor of Mississippi

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Photo of Wayne Weidie

Wayne Weidie

Chief of Staff to Congressman Gene Taylor

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Photo of Glenn L. McCullough, Jr.

Glenn L. McCullough, Jr.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tennessee Valley Authority

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Photo of Dr. Richard A. Baker

Dr. Richard A. Baker

Historian of the U. S. Senate Historical Office

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Photo of Amy D. Whitten

Amy D. Whitten, J.D.

Trustee, Mississippi Institutions for Higher Learning

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Photo of Reuben V. Anderson

Reuben V. Anderson

Mississippi Supreme Court Justice (Retired)

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Photo of Amy Tuck

Amy Tuck

Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi

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Photo of Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour

Political Consultant and Former Chair, National Republican Party

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Photo of Susan Boone Vincent

Susan Boone Vincent

Mayor of Laurel, MS

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Photo of Robert M. Walker

Robert M. Walker

Mayor of Vicksburg, MS

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Photo of Sidney L. Salter (left) and Gale Denley (right)

Sidney L. "Sid" Salter and Gale Denley

Publisher of The Scott County Times (Salter) and The Calhoun County Journal (Denley)

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Photo of Robert G. Clark

Robert G. Clark

Speaker Pro Tempore, Mississippi House of Representatives

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Photo of Lenore Prather

Lenore Prather

Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Mississippi

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