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The Special Collections Department contains an extensive collection of maps, atlases, charts, plats, birds-eye-views, aerial photographs and surveys documenting agriculture and rural life subjects such as the division of Mississippi lands, the development and growth of Mississippi towns, cities and counties, and topics such as agriculture, soils, railroads, waterways, politics and literature. The largest collection of maps is the flat map collection maintained by the Mississippiana and Rare Books Division. Access to the flat map collection is enhanced by indexes found in the Special Collections Department which provide access by cartographer and publisher, locality, format and subject. Some maps, the Mississippi soil surveys and many of the atlases found in the collection, have been cataloged and may be found in the MSU Library online catalog. Other maps and surveys, in particular surveys of individual plantations and properties and special interest maps and charts are found in individual manuscript and archival collections. For example, an extensive set of surveys of plantation and farm land in Sunflower County, Mississippi is found in the Horace Stansel Papers. Some maps from collections have been digitized and may be found in the Digital Collection.