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CHARM's mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of the role played by agriculture, forestry, and rural life in Mississippi's past by collecting, preserving, and providing access to important historical materials as a foundation for teaching, learning, and research, with special attention to the leadership of Mississippi State University, a land-grant institution.

The Consortium carries out its mission by:

  • Identifying, collecting, and cataloging published and primary information sources
  • Creating and implementing an ongoing oral history program
  • Providing access to collected historical resources in physical and electronic form via the library and the Internet
  • Promoting scholarly endeavors based upon the collection
  • Developing educational outreach programs
  • Fostering ongoing collaboration among those who share an interest in the history of
    agriculture, forestry, and rural life in Mississippi.

Project Coordinators

Frances Coleman

Dean of MSU Libraries and Coordinator, Special Collections Department

Dr. Gregory A. Bohach

Vice President for Agriculture, Forestry & Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Gary Jackson

Director of MSU Extension Service


Steering Committee

Stephen Cunetto

Associate Dean, University Libraries

Dr. Kent Hoblet

Dean, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. George Hopper

Dean/Director, College of Forest Resources/Forest and Wildlife Research Center

Dr. Michael Newman

Professor/Director, School of Human Sciences

Pat Matthes

Associate Dean for Technical Services, MSU Libraries